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Grow your business with PrepWorx FBA service.

Your FBA team

PrepWorx was born out of necessity to help small and medium sized businesses fulfill their FBA needs.

Full Service

We'll label, polybag, bubble wrap, etc. to the specifications required for your product.

No Sales Tax

We're located in Oregon so your incoming items will not be subject to sales tax.

Low Volume Friendly

We have no requirements for how many items you send in every month. Send as few or as little as you need.

Your Personal FBA Warehouse

Our warehouse is optimized to process your shipments accurately and efficiently. No matter the job, we aim to have it done within 48 hours of your request. Store your inventory when sales are slow or send them in when sales are quick.

Why PrepWorx?

Strategically located in Oregon, we’ll help you save over 8.5% on average by not incurring sales tax. Using our services you will save money, run a more efficient Amazon selling business, and have the capacity to scale much quicker.

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